Weaver's Produce Farm

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Organic, Chemical Free, Naturally Grown

( Not Certified Organic )

Pick your Own Fruit and buy Farm Fresh Vegetables. ( You don't have to worry about e-coli here )

Fox News Medical Adviser stated the public should by their vegetables straight from the farmer or at a farmers market. I say the less people touching your food the better it is. At our farm the most people that will touch your food before you  is 1, if you don't pick it yourself.

Year Round Vegetables and Fruit

These blackberries you see in the pic are ready to pick around the end of May each year. We also have plumb juicy Strawberries ready each year around the middle of March. In June most of our vegetables are ready for harvesting, we also have large brown eggs. It has been scientifically proven that "Yard Eggs" are lower in Cholesterol and higher in Vitamins.

What We Grow

New Potatoes                                                              Our Famous Blackberries
Onions                                                                       Strawberries
Peppers                                                                      Figs
Sweet Corn                                                                 Plums ( future fruit )
Tomatoes                                                                  Granny Smiths ( future fruit )
Spinach                                                                      Peaches ( future fruit )

Future fruit means we are waiting on the trees to produce.

We also take orders, if we are not growing something you want let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We also have special pricing for restaurants, if they sign up for a continuous supply of fruit or vegetables, E-Mail us for more information.

We will also provide a box/bag service to all interested parties. What this is, is you subscribe to our farm each year, like you would for a magazine. In that year you come by and pick up a bag or box full of fruit and vegetables designed for your tastes. This is done every week or every 2 weeks which ever you want and depending on the time of the year depending on the fruit and vegetables available. There is a break of about 2 months or so between Summer crops and fall crops and again in the winter.

In the near future we plan on growing herbs, so we can sell the whole plant or just the leaves. We will also have honey available in the near future as we have obtained a bee hive and should grow that to 3 or 4 hive next year. This fall we are planting flowers beneficial to bees.